Ed Sheeran downed champagne out of a stolen pint glass and bought shots for random people to celebrate his Grammy nominations.

The 23-year-old singer had a ''mad night'' after discovering he had received nods for Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Song for Visual Media at the prestigious awards by ordering Jagerbomb shots for people he had never met and he stole a mug to drink his bubbles out of.

He said: ''[Sam Smith] and I went out for lunch and celebrated but in the evening when I found out I had the Best Album nomination I went wild.

''I went to a dive bar and just ended up outside and I ordered loads of rounds of Jagerbombs for everyone. People I hadn't even met, I was just buying drinks for everyone outside. It was good.

''I had this huge metal mug that I'd stolen and I was just filling it with champagne and drinking it like it was beer. It was a mad night.''

The flame-haired singer is also planning to have a ''mental'' night celebrating if he manages to pick up the Best Album award at the ceremony in February next year.

Speaking to Yahoo Celebrity, he added: ''I don't really know what I'll do if I win. If I did win the best album one I'd make it quite brief and let other people say something. Afterwards would be mental though.''

Ed certainly seemed to have a lot more fun celebrating his nods than his pal Sam, who recently revealed the pair didn't have a drink during the daytime after finding out about their nominations, opting to celebrate with sushi instead.

He explained: ''I was with Ed on the day it happened.

''We went for lunch and had sushi. But no drink was involved so it wasn't a proper celebration.''