Ed Sheeran has hinted he's dropping a new song in a bid to secure this year's UK Christmas number one spot.

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter already has a strong chance with his song 'Perfect' featuring Beyonce already sat at the top of the chart, but he has teased he has ''one more trick'' up his sleeve to beat the likes of Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' and 'X Factor' winners Rak-Su and their song 'Dimelo' to be crowned 2017's festive chart-topper.

He told the BBC: ''I do have one more trick up my sleeve. It's not like a Beyonce trick, but it's quite a cool trick.''

And looks like he's collaborated with a big star from the past.

He added: ''This next one, no-one's expecting.

''It's more for my dad's generation. It'll be out next week. You'll see then.''

The 'Shape of You' hitmaker still hasn't released his 'Despacito' style remix of 'Perfect', so it could be that.

Describing it previously, he said: ''The vibe is that it's a remix to 'Perfect'. I'm just basically going to 'Despacito' 'Perfect.'''

Meanwhile, the flame-haired singer recently said he'd like to work with Drake after working with rap legend Eminem.

Ed that he doesn't think his fans appreciate his own rapping skills, but he'd love to get the 'Hotline Bling' star to spit some lines on a track for him.

He quipped: ''I don't feel like anyone thinks I can rap, but I really enjoy doing it so - f**k you!

''I really enjoy doing it, but in that aspect I wouldn't because you'd be going against one of the greatest rappers in all time, so I'd stick to what I was good at.

''Like, I rap on my own stuff because I enjoy doing it. That's something that I'd definitely put together in the future.

''I think someone like Drake would be really fun to work with. I'd want him to rap though because I love it when he raps, when he's barring.''

The 'Castle on the Hill' hitmaker features on the song 'River' on Eminem's comeback LP 'Revival', and has revealed his ideas for future collaborations with the rapping legend.

He said: ''I think I'd do two different songs with him and choose one of them.

''One of them would be like an introspective story telling thing like 'Stan' and one of them would be like -- you know when he used to joke rap ... like in the shower this morning, I was doing 'I murder a rhyme, one word at a time/You never heard of a mind as perverted as mine.'''