Ed Sheeran makes his manager carry a picture of 'Harry Potter's Weasley twins in his wallet.

The 'Shape of You' singer has requested his manager Stuart Camp keep the laminated photo with him at all times and even put it in his contract to ensure he does it.

Speaking on the new BBC Introducing podcast, Stuart said: ''The deal I get nervous with is my own management deal with Ed Sheeran because every year he puts a stupid clause in it that I have to proceed with. It's the honest to God truth. I have to carry a picture of them in my wallet at all times. I have a little laminated card of those lovely twins. I have to have that with me at all times. It's in my management contract.

''There's a picture of the two twins from Harry Potter, behind me, that rises up from the wall. That's a clause in my contract with him. Stupid things like that. Ed's actually misunderstood the contract. He thinks I have to show it to people everywhere I go. If I'm in [a magazine] and there isn't a picture of it, he rings me and says, 'You're in breach [of the contract].'''

Ed and Stuart recently joined forces to open a pub, which is called Bertie Blossoms and is based in Notting Hill.

Speaking about the venture, he said: ''We had some property that we were going to look into making into a restaurant a few years ago and we just decided we'd make it into a bar. For little else than the fact that we'd like to say we own a bar. I tried to go behind the bar and they said, 'You're not allowed behind the bar.' I don't know if I'm not allowed to serve or they didn't want me there. Ed got behind the bar, he was serving drinks.''