Ed Sheeran is ''not perfect'' but hasn't ever tried to pretend he was.

The 'Galway Girl' hitmaker insists he is a ''f***ing ****'' at times and that there are ''so many shades'' to him, but he simply tries to be honest in life and particularly when he is penning tracks.

He said: ''I'm not tarring anyone with any brush. I'm very open that I've been a f***ing **** at times. There's my song called 'Happier', and the whole thing is, 'You've got a new boyfriend and look happy.'

''I was saying, 'You deserved someone better.' There are so many shades of me. I'm not perfect.''

Ed - who is dating Cherry Seaborn - tends to ''feel better'' after he's poured his heart out in songs, and while he admits some of his ''spiteful'' lyrics haven't always gone down too well with his pals, he is simply being honest.

He said: ''There have been songs that ended friendships.

''But the whole point is to get s**t out and put it in a song so I feel better. It's selfish, but people like it.''

Earlier this year, the 'Thinking Out Loud' star landed a cameo appearance on HBO fantasy drama 'Game of Thrones' which divided opinions with fans of the series.

However, he insists he shouldn't have been ''judged'' for the two lines he read on the show, and couldn't believe people described him as taking the ''realism'' out of the series considering dragons play a huge part in the programme.

Ed told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: ''You can't judge ability after two lines.

''It would've been great to die. But the weirdest thing was how ­ everyone said I took them out of the realism of the show - and it's about dragons!''