Ed Sheeran fell in love with a beanbag after taking MDMA.

The 23-year-old singer once developed an obsession with the stuffed cushions after he decided to rebel against his ''good boy'' personality and take ecstasy with his friends at a wedding he attended in Ibiza, Spain.

He explained during an interview with music streaming service Spotify: ''It was weird, because I haven't taken it [MDMA] since, it was literally just a one-time thing. It was a wedding, and I was having a mojito, and my mate was like, 'Do you want to try it, it tastes really bad if you put it in your mouth but I'll just put it in your drink and it'll be fine.' It was MDMA and I fell in love with a beanbag.

''I literally got home and bought six beanbags! During it all I felt a lot of things: I felt anxiety, I felt love, I felt warm, I felt a bit weird. And afterwards, you spend all day just thinking about what you've been through.''

The 'Lego House' hitmaker admits he went through a stage where he tried a number of drugs, but soon realised that he preferred drinking alcohol instead of illegal substances.

He explained: ''I found out I'm not missing much - that experience [taking MDMA] was probably the best out of all of them. I think alcohol's a lot more fun.''