Ed Sheeran still hasn't lived in his three new homes.

The 'Sing' hitmaker admitted he splashed out on three separate properties after the success of his 2011 debut album '+', but they remain empty - and he doesn't ''really want to rent them out''.

He told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: ''I've bought three houses. I thought the first thing I should do was put the money into bricks and mortar.

''I haven't had a chance to live in any of them yet though. I've been too busy touring and travelling.

''One is being renovated and the other two are just empty. I don't really want to rent them out.''

A lot has changed for the singer-songwriter since his first album, as he's gone from playing 12 sets in two days at Glastonbury in 2011, to performing on the main Pyramid Stage today (29.06.14).

He said: ''My worst festival experience was Glastonbury 2011 when I played 12 gigs in two days. We got lost in the car going there.

''I was playing in really small tents all over the festival. It was what I had to do to promote the album but it was hard.''