Ed Sheeran has been given a speeding ticket.

The 25-year-old singer was handed a fine and points on his license after he was caught doing 70 miles per hour (mph) in a 60 mph zone in Suffolk, England, and has now said that whilst he assumed his father John would ''go mental'' when he found out, his actual reaction was far less scary.

According to The Sun newspaper, the 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker said: ''My dad was the one that found out about it and I thought he'd go mental, but he was super chill.

''He knows the road and he knows that it gets a lot of people making the same mistake.

''It was a local road and they changed it from 70 to 60 the week before and I didn't know.''

The news of the ticket comes just days after the 'Sing' musician was called out by Suffolk police on Twitter for singing about driving at ''90'' in one of his new songs.

'Castle on the Hill' - which was released on Friday (06.01.07) alongside 'Shape of You' from his upcoming third studio album '÷' - features the line ''driving at 90 down those country lanes.''

Taking to Twitter, Sergeant Chris Harris tweeted: ''#DriveToArrive @edsheeran Know you want to get home but please slow down on #SuffolkRoads #WelcomeBackEd #DrivingAt90 #CastleOnTheHill (sic)''

But the 'I See Fire' singer won't get into trouble using his phone whilst driving, as he recently revealed he no longer owns one.

He said: ''I literally don't have a phone. I just do emails on an iPad. I have quite an addictive personality and I was just kind of glued to it the whole time. I wasn't having conversations with anyone.

''So my New Year's resolution was to get off social media and I got rid of my phone. And then I came back and did the tweets on the iPad and then left it and I haven't really been checking it and it has been really nice.''