Ed Sheeran had ''forgotten'' the lyrics to his songs after his one year hiatus.

The 25-year-old singer songwriter unveiled his two new singles 'Castle On the Hill' and 'Shape of You' from his third studio album 'Divide' on Friday (06.01.17), and the flame-haired musician has revealed he couldn't remember the words to his previous records including his 2014 hit 'Don't'.

Speaking on BBC Radio One today, which saw him co-host the popular show with Scott Mills, he said: ''It's the first radio interview I've done in two years.

''I was just saying I've forgotten how to do it. 'Don't' came on and I can't remember the words.''

And Ed has revealed he had to ''re-learn everything'' and was forced to spend 24 hours going over every single he has released to help him jog his memory.

He explained: ''I've re-learnt everything. I've spent a day re-learning everything.''

The 'A-Team' hitmaker has revealed he has learnt his lesson and has vowed not to take such a long break from the music industry in the future to avoid this problem.

He quipped: ''So I think the next time I take a break will be two weeks and not a year.''

The Suffolk-born artist has revealed he has been sitting on his comeback track 'Castle On The Hill' for two years, which he has described as a ''love song'' for his hometown.

He explained: ''It's a love song for Suffolk because I don't think anyone's done that. That's the second song I have completed on the album.

''I wrote that mid-2015, so almost two years [ago]. I shot the music video in Suffolk, and they cast all my friends from school. It's all putting Suffolk on the map.''

The star has revealed 'Shape of You' was initially penned for Rihanna to sing, although he swiftly changed his mind when he had finished the track and decided to keep it for himself.

Speaking about the release, he said: ''This is actually a really random one, I went in to write songs with other people and we were there writing the song thinking 'This would work for Rihanna', then we decided half way through we would make it for me. This was the last song that was finished, and I didn't put two and two together and didn't put it on the album and kept it from my label.''

However, Ed has revealed his music label made him change his mind and feature it to his latest LP.