Ed Sheeran feels ''positive'' about starting a family.

The 'Shape of You' hitmaker is currently dating Cherry Seaborn, who he's known since his school days, and Ed has revealed that he's keen to have children, although he doesn't know when it will happen.

He shared: ''I want kids but just because you are ready doesn't mean it has to happen.

''I think you could be ready for five to 10 years and then choose the right time. But I feel positive about it.''

Ed also revealed how his grandmother inspired the track 'Supermarket Flowers', which appears on his new album '÷'.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ''She was in the hospital near my house where I was recording the album. So I was visiting her every day and she was very much part of the whole album process.

''I worked with my brother for the first time, he did all of the string arrangements on the album, and that came from her wanting us to work together.

''When she passed away, I was in the studio and my knee-jerk reaction was to write a song about her.''

Ed, 26, said the track prompted a positive reaction from his mother and he is glad that it will exist forever as a tribute to his grandmother.

Ed said: ''My mum heard it for the first time months ago. She sent me a very nice long email explaining her feeling towards it and how positive it was. We're not going to live forever but the song will, which is quite a nice thing.''

In February, meanwhile, Ed said he was ready to start a family because he wants to be remembered as a ''good dad''.

He explained: ''As the brand guy, I am a musician. But it doesn't define me as a person. I want to be remembered for being a good dad and raising my children well.''