Ed Sheeran has collaborated with Eminem on a song for the rapper's new album.

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter admitted he was delighted to have teamed up with the 'Stan' hitmaker on track 'River' for his ninth studio album, 'Revival', because the US star was ''one of the reasons'' he started writing music.

In a caption attached to a picture of the rapper's tracklisting for his album, Ed wrote: ''I've had to hold onto this secret for a long time, but since it's just been announced I can now tell you all. I did a song with Eminem for his new album Revival, which is out on the 15th of December. He is one of the reasons I started writing songs, and was such a pleasure to work with him. The song is called River, hope you like it. Yay x (sic)''

Eminem has teamed up with several stars on the forthcoming record - which will drop on December 15 - including Alicia Keys, Pink, Kehlani, and Skylar Grey.

He also duetted with Beyonce for the first track on the album, 'Walk on Water', which comes shortly after Ed teamed up with the 'Single Ladies' hitmaker.

The flame-haired star recently worked with her on his song 'Perfect' - a tune from his latest album 'Divide' - and admitted afterwards he was surprised she agreed to perform with him.

Ed said: ''It's something I kinda did just to see whether she would say yes. I just wanted to see what would happen. I can't believe it, to be honest.

''It's a really weird thing, it was just me and her and an engineer, which was very cool. To be on-on-one with someone you respect that much and be able to craft the song the way you envision without input from anybody else ... that's rare. When there are two people coming together like that, everyone has an opinion, you know?''