Ed Sheeran isn't bothered about being the ''coolest musician''.

The 'Shape Of You' hitmaker doesn't worry about what people think of him as he went into music to inspire people of ''all ages, shapes, and sizes''.

He told MTV News: ''I love it. The reason I make music is to get it to as many people as possible, so, like, having all ages, shapes, and sizes, a gig is great.

''I often meet kids at the meet and greet that are, like, six and have just started playing guitar because they like 'Castle on the Hill' or something. I feel like that's why we make music. I might not be the coolest musician in the world but they enjoy it, and I enjoy it.''

Meanwhile, Ed previously admitted he thinks he is an ''underdog'' compared to the other headliners at the likes of Glastonbury Festival.

When asked if he feels like the underdog up against such big names, he said: ''Yeah. I'm definitely the one that's of place on that list. But I think that's an exciting thing. You know doing this festival for the first time like not even as a main headline but just playing it, it's daunting. Like even though Foo Fighters have played it before, Foo Fighters are a band everyone assumes has headlined before because they've been so massive for so long.''

And the 26-year-old singer finds songwriting ''a form of therapy''.

He explained: ''I think it [songwriting] is a form of therapy to be honest. I think any time I've ever got down or ever felt low the one thing that picks me up from that is writing a song about it because at least you've got a positive experience out of a bad experience.''