Beloved U.S. TV icon Ed McMahon faces yet another financial woe - he is being sued by lawyers who claim they are owed fees for handling his daughter's divorce.
The former The Tonight Show sidekick, who is currently fighting to save his home from repossession, was named in a suit filed by Hartman + Craven and the Sarcone Lawfirm in a Manhattan Court on Wednesday (31Jul08).
MCMahon is alleged to owe more than $275,000 (GBP137,500) in legal costs to the firm after they were hired by the star to look over the divorce settlement of his daughter, Linda Schmerge.
Earlier this month (Jul08) MCMahon was slapped with a lawsuit from the bosses of a Beverly Hills pharmacy, who claim they have two years of bills that haven't been paid.
Pharmacy bosses claims MCMahon and his wife Pamela agreed to pay the purchase price on the prescriptions, but have only paid $500 (GBP250) of an $8,000 (GBP4,000) bill.
Last month (Jun08), it was revealed the TV star was $644,000 (GBP322,000) behind on mortgage payments on his Los Angeles home.
And MCMahon has also launched his own lawsuits - he is currently suing a hospital, two doctors and a homeowner over a neck injury he says left him unable to work.