Beloved U.S. TV icon Ed McMahon has launched a lawsuit against Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, accusing of doctors of failing to cure his neck problems.
The former Tonight Show sidekick, whose financial woes recently made headlines, checked into the hospital after breaking his neck in a fall at billionaire Robert Day's home last year (07).
He claims the treatment he received wasn't acceptable and he's still experiencing neck pain which is preventing him from working.
He tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "We had hoped to avoid a lawsuit, but our discussions were not fruitful and we were left with no other option.
"We believe our suit has great merit and we expect a favourable resolution."
In his suit, MCMahon claims he was discriminated against because of his age, stating he was treated like a "bobble head" doll and was sent home in pain when he should have been treated.
MCMahon is also suing Day after slipping on "unsafe entry stairs" outside his home.
The 85 year old is currently battling a series of financial problems and faces lawsuits from a major credit card company and a pharmacy.