Beloved U.S. TV icon Ed McMahon is facing yet another lawsuit - he is being sued for $250,000 (GBP125,000) by a loan company.
The former The Tonight Show sidekick was named in a suit filed by Westmoore Lending in Los Angeles on Monday (11Aug08), which claimed the star did not repay a loan.
MCMahon is alleged to have borrowed $250,000 (GBP125,000) in July 2006 and defaulted on the repayments in February 2007.
As a goodwill gesture, MCMahon reportedly paid Westmoore $5,000 (GBP2,500) in return for an extension on paying the loan.
The lawsuit claims that the loan was due in full in August last year (07) but was not paid.
This is the latest in a string of lawsuits against the financially troubled star.
MCMahon is currently fighting to save his home from repossession after falling behind with mortgage repayments and is being sued for $275,000 (GBP137,500) for owed fees relating to his daughter's divorce.