Chad Taylor, Ed Kowalczyk, Chad Gracey, and Patrick Dahlheimer are also in the studio working on new material.

Next year (17) will mark the 25th anniversary of the band's debut album Mental Jewelry, which was released on New Year's Eve (31Dec) 1991.

The multi-platinum band has sold over 22 million albums worldwide and earned two number one albums in North America, Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi, while their hits include Lightning Crashes, I Alone, and Lakini's Juice.

The original line-up performed their last show in July, 2009.

Announcing the reunion, Kowalczyk tells WENN, "After a pretty long break, it was exciting to find that we all felt, in a sense, like we were starting over again... albeit with this amazing foundation and fan base all over the world that we have established. You could say we took the long road home, but it feels good to be back."

Taylor adds, "Ed, Chad, Patrick and I are no different than your average family. We might divide ourselves or argue fiercely but thankfully time, and the grand gesture of forgiveness, helps to heal old wounds. We've worked hard to restore the tenants of faith and trust that bonded us in the beginning (sic). It doesn't hurt that our fans offered so much encouragement."

"We lost our way with that a bit but are now back to being friends and respect each other again," Gracey explains. "That's what counts."