THE HANGOVER star Ed Helms has learned not to be too friendly to his neighbourhood animals after one skunk took up residence under his house and left a smelly lasting reminder.
The actor insists the skunk was always well behaved, until he left town to shoot the hit 2009 comedy in Las Vegas.
Helms came back to find his place turned into a stink bomb - and he'll never forget the "brutal" smell that greeted him upon his return home.
He says, "I don't have a pet that I actually own, but one time I adopted a skunk, who lived in my yard. He was actually very docile and super friendly and cool. I'd come home from work and it'd just be in the driveway. It never threatened me, never squirted me. So I named him George and he was always in my yard.
"Then when I was shooting the Hangover and I was gone for a month, then George moved in and set up shop under my house, and my house smelled like a skunk had exploded in my entire house. It was pretty brutal."