Comedy actor Ed Helms was so determined to make his toothless scenes in new film THE HANGOVER realistic, he had his dentist pull out one of his own teeth.
The Office star shares the big screen with Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis in the upcoming comedy, about a mischievous trio who lose their groom-to-be buddy during a drunken Las Vegas bachelor party.
The role called for Helms' character to lose a tooth and after make-up techniques, failed to work, Helms decided to take extreme measures.
He explains, "I had a baby tooth and when that fell out I never had an adult tooth. I've had this implant since I was 15 and I hadn't taken it out in 20 years - until this movie.
"When the part came up we actually tried a few alternatives, like blacking it out and using a prosthetic device, which made me look like a horse... Then I just called my dentist and I took it out for three months.
"He (dentist) actually had to break the crown off and then unscrew the post from the implant. That leaves a huge hole in your gum and the tissue has to stay healthy, so he screwed in a piece that his lab made that matched my gum tissue. Once the movie was done I got a fresh new implant."