Actor Ed Burns took revenge on his former boss by buying the property next door to the house he worked on as a struggling landscaper.
The Saving Private Ryan star earned $100 (£67) a day taking care of a wealthy man's sprawling estate in Wainscott, New York before he found success as an actor.
And Burns despised the work so much, he made a vow to get his own back on his former employer.
He tells the New York Post, "It was awful, and I resented it. I ended up washing this guy's cars, mowing his huge lawn and endless hours putting in his front and back walks. So after my first success, the movie I made, The Brothers MCMullen, I knew what I'd do. I got the house next door. But this guy didn't ever recognise me. I'd been invisible to him. I was just a common landscaper.
"So every time I drove by I chucked an empty beer can on that lawn. I really resented his not remembering me and my not having that recognition of now being his equal. But was it his fault that I had been poor and he was rich?"