Veteran actor Ed Asner has blasted his former TV bosses for ending his hit U.S. series LOU GRANT because they disapproved of his political views.
The 78-year-old Emmy-winning actor became infamous for his role as the high-powered TV boss of legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore on her 1970s series The Mary Tyler Moore show, before getting his own spin-off after the pair's series was cancelled in 1977.
Lou Grant was subsequently axed in 1982 after its five-year run on U.S. TV network CBS - and Asner blames conservative bosses at the network for stalling his acting career because he had become increasingly vocal about his liberal politics.
Asner tells, "I said the people of El Salvador should be able to elect the government of their choice. I knew I was signing my death warrant.. the show was threatened with being blacklisted. (Former CBS executive) Charlton Heston... called me a 'dangerous, dangerous man' and then the show was indeed canceled."