LATEST: The girlfriend of British soap star MOHAMMED GEORGE has dismissed claims the 24-year-old actor assaulted her on Friday (08DEC06) morning, insisting he "never laid a finger" on her. George, who plays GUS in BBC show Eastenders, was arrested on suspicion of physically abusing EMMA ARCHIBALD after a heated row outside a London restaurant, but she insists he didn't attack her. Archibald, the mum of George's child, says, "It was stupid. We'd been bickering all day and should never have gone out. We've got our baby now and spend a lot of time at home together with her. But my mum had agreed to babysit so we decided to go out anyway. "We'd had an argument over who was going to empty the dishwasher earlier on in the day and after a couple of drinks it came up again. It was all completely stupid. I was crying and was being very dramatic and shouting at Mo. "The stuff that's been said did not happen. He never laid a finger on me. it was just the alcohol that fuelled our earlier bickering."