'I'm a celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' contestants are scared of Katie Price.

The reality show's contestants said they are more nervous of spending time in the jungle with the mouthy glamour model - set to join the show up to a week after its launch - than the insects and snakes.

Ex-'Eastenders' actress Lucy Benjamin and former 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional dancer Camilla Dallerup have both said they are worried about her entrance in the show.

Camilla, 35, said: "I'm scared of her because she can be a handful. She's a tough cookie."

Lucy Benjamin, 39, said she wouldn't want to share a bed with the model because it would be "scary".

The actress revealed former 'I'm A Celebrity' contestants Elaine Jordan and Blue singer Simon Webbe had even tried to warn her off going on the show.

Lucy admitted: "Elaine said it was pretty vile. Simon also told me: 'Don't do it. I hated every minute.' "

Gay interior design couple Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan said they would much rather Katie's cross-dressing boyfriend Alex Reid entered the jungle instead.

Colin said: "I'd be disappointed if she is there. I mean what is she actually famous for?

"We'd rather her boyfriend Alex Reid was in there than her. We are loving the whole tranny thing he has going on. But underneath it all he is hot."