Former Eastenders actress Brooke Kinsella has appealed to knife-carrying teenagers in an emotional press conference after the death of her brother in north London.

Sixteen-year-old Ben Kinsella was stabbed to death in the early hours of Sunday morning after reportedly being involved in a pub fight in York Way, Holloway, London.

The teen is the brother of Ms Kinsella, 24, who played Kelly Taylor in the BBC soap and described her little brother as a "true angel".

"Ben really was one of the kindest, gentlest and talented boys God has ever created," she said at a press conference this afternoon.

"The love and joy he gave to everybody is proven by the vast number of people who have sent their loves and prayers."

Ms Kinsella said her family was determined to ensure the current run of violent deaths in the capital would end with Ben's death. He is the 17th teenager to die as a result of violence in London this year.

"We always knew that Ben would make a truly special mark on this world… hopefully he will be the one who finally puts an end to this," she continued.

"Please boys and girls put down your knives and weapons and think about the pain and suffering this will cause."

A Metropolitan police spokesman said four black youths, possibly aged around 17 years old, were believed to have been involved in the stabbing.

"We are keen that if any witnesses saw these individuals… and know which way they went, please come forward and help us," the spokesman added.

Two teenagers arrested in connection with the killing have been bailed.

Tributes have been paid to Ben on social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.

His own MySpace page includes a video where Ben describes himself as being "down to earth, easy going" and able to "get on with just about everyone".

30/06/2008 15:09:33