British males identify most closely with Ian Beale when it comes to cash.

A poll by Scottish Widows revealed a fifth of UK men surveyed compare themselves to Ian Beale from Eastenders when it comes to spending, describing themselves as ‘tight' or ‘careful' with money.

Furthermore, over a third of men admit that they could be described as ‘diligent' or ‘thrifty' with their finances.

Meanwhile women most closely identify themselves with Honey Mitchell: with 17 per cent of women saying that, like her, they are ‘always short of money' and 15 per cent of women saying that they ‘seem to have one financial crisis after another'.

Six per cent of women compare themselves to debt ridden matriarch Peggy Mitchell.

A further six per cent of people compare themselves with spendaholics Carrie Bradshaw and David Beckham.

Mike Hoban, customer director of Scottish Widows, said: "It's great that so many men see themselves as financially responsible, but they have to make sure that what they are doing with any savings pays off in the long term.
“There's no point in saving money now if they end up simply splashing it all at once in a few years time.

“Putting a little aside each month and planning carefully for the future will stop them running into a financial crisis in later years."

17/06/2008 00:01:00