Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey is convinced competing at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest will be easy, compared to the traumatic events he has already lived through. The STAY singer - who hit the headlines in 2005 after being crushed under the wheels of his own car - is optimistic about his chances of winning the contest. He says, "I've had all these things happen to me - my ecstasy comment hitting the headlines, the baby custody stories, my machete attack, trying to kill myself twice, going to the jungle, running myself over with my own car. What's the Eurovision compared to that? "There will be a lot riding on it on the night, but it's a good pressure to have. Being told you will never walk again is a different kind of pressure." Harvey will battle against ex-Atomic Kitten star LIZ MCCLARNON and former The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins in a televised sing-off later this month (17MAR07) to become the British entry for this year's (07) competition.