Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey has accused the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry Scooch of cheating to win the chance to take part in the event. A number of acts including Scooch, Harvey, Big Brovaz and Justin Hawkins competed for the chance to represent the UK in the televised contest on a live BBC show on Saturday (17MAR07). Scooch were the surprise victors - but Harvey claims they mimed and their song FLYING THE FLAG (FOR YOU) was sung by two singers hiding backstage. He says, "I was p**sed off with the whole Scooch thing. I thought one of the singers was mouthing something and nothing came out. The public have been conned." Big Brovaz star RANDY agrees, "It seems they were miming as the backstage girls were really loud most of the time. Also the microphones Scooch used were for miming."