Samantha Brick has become a sensation in the UK for all the wrong reasons after writing an article for the Daily Mail, in which she claimed it was no surprise for her to regularly receive compliments and even gifts from random men, whilst also suggesting that she'd never gained many female friends as they were jealous of her apparent good looks.

Following the outrage - which has seen Brick trending as a topic on Twitter in the UK all week - she apparently remains unrepentant on the article and took to ITV show This Morning to defend herself, telling host Eamonn Holmes, "Women do not like attractive women and that has been proved to me by the thousands of vile messages that I have had on Twitter".

The article has really split the British public and commentators have suggested that in fact the decision by the Mail to run the piece was a knowing ruse to get many who'd not normally visit their sit to click through and gain them valuable hits, something you'd have to say they've managed to achieve. Others however feel Brick has been somewhat hung out to dry by the paper that she writes for, with the paper offering her little to no protection in wake of the piece being published earlier in the week.