R+B star Eamon vows the harsh lyrics of his chart-topping song F*** IT (I DON'T WANT YOU BACK) bear no resemblance to the way he treats women in real life.

The American singer - who slams the female subject of his hard-hitting track with a series of expletive-fuelled attacks - insists he has nothing but respect for the opposite sex in reality, and knows how to treat a woman.

He says, "I'm a good guy. I treat a girl right and know how to respect a woman.

"I like chasing and having fun. I'm not seeing anyone special, I'm just having fun with the whole entire s***."

However, Eamon's debut album I DON'T WANT YOU BACK also features the songs I LOVE THEM HO'S (HO-WOP), GET OFF MY D**K and I'D RATHER F*** WITH YOU.

06/05/2004 17:32