Foul-mouthed star Eamon has celebrated topping the British singles charts by picking up four beautiful girls at a party - and taking them back to his hotel room.

The controversial F*** IT (I DON'T WANT YOU BACK) singer had his minders collect the blondes from London's TRAP club as he relaxed in the VIP area - before leaving with them at 4am.

A source confides, "His minders started to bring some girls in to meet him. It was obvious they were going for the prettiest ones, and the girls were more than happy to oblige - after all, he is a number one selling artist.

"He couldn't wait to get them all out and back to his room. He was laughing and joking with them and was blatantly excited about what he was going to get up to with them later on."

21/04/2004 13:22