The California-based rockers were an hour into their set on 13 November (15) when armed gunmen stormed the building and opened fire, killing 89 people.

In a new interview, posted online on Wednesday (25Nov15), Hughes, guitarist Eden Galindo, bassist Matt MCJukins, and sound engineer Shawn London sat down with co-founder Shane Smith and recalled the atrocities they witnessed as they ran for safety as their Paris gig became a slaughter.

The bandmates were also joined by tour drummer Julian Dorio via Skype and Hughes' fellow band co-founder Josh Homme.

Spending much of the interview with his head hung, staring at the floor, Hughes broke his silence and said, "I want to be the first band that plays in the Bataclan when it opens back up."

He also recalled searching for his girlfriend, Tuesday Cross, as the bullets and grenades started popping, revealing one of the gunman chased him backstage, while MCJukins told Smith he hid with a group of fans for roughly 15 minutes in a closet flooded with water.

And Dorio explained a bullet missed him by inches: "Gunpowder hit my nose. I turned, looked through my drum hardware to the side of an amp. That's when the second round started. I saw two guys out front and that might be the most awful thing ever - them just relentlessly shooting into the audience."

Homme, who wasn't onstage with the band when the terrorist attacks took place, insisted he will be with his bandmates when they return to Paris, adding, "We don't really have a choice. We have to finish the tour."

The group pulled a series of European shows after the hell in Paris and returned home.