TV star Dylan McDermott has been fielding concerned phone calls from friends and family since Tori Spelling married fellow actor Dean McDermott - because journalists constantly mix-up their names.
The Dark Blue star was first mistaken for the Canadian actor when Dean eloped with Spelling to the Fiji Islands in 2006 - and Dylan's pals were calling non-stop to ask if he had been seeing her in secret.
The issue came up again in June (10) when Dean was hospitalised with a punctured and collapsed lung after a horrific dirt biking accident in Los Angeles.
Now whenever Spelling's husband makes the news, Dylan prays reporters get their facts straight so he doesn't have to deal with worried relatives.
He says, "That (the dirt bike accident) was Dean MCDermott. They confuse me sometimes with Dean MCDermott. I got concerned calls when they got married and they thought it was me. It was concern, there were concerned calls."