Former THE PRACTICE star Dylan McDermott has deemed Irish rocker Bono the "coolest guy in the world" - for making his young daughter proud to wear glasses.

McDermott met with the U2 frontman earlier this year (03) in Ireland and took his seven-year-old offspring COLETTE long for the trip. And the youngster, who has to wear glasses for a medical condition, was left thrilled when her fellow spectacle-wearer Bono commended her on her style.

McDermott says, "Bono's like the coolest guy in the world. My daughter wears glasses. She has a lazy eye and she wears these bifocals.

"We went to Bono's house and he said to my daughter, 'I pride myself on having the coolest glasses in the world. I've never met anybody who's had cooler glasses than me.'

"So she was like beaming and happy and said, 'You know what Dad? Glasses are all right.' He's the best."

20/10/2003 01:58