Actor Dylan Baker has hinted that comic fans will finally see Spider-Man villain THE LIZARD in the fourth installment of the blockbuster movie series. The third movie, which is out later this year (07), sees the web slinger battling screen enemies GREEN GOBLIN, SANDMAN and VENOM. But despite the regular appearances of DR CURT CONNORS, who eventually becomes the reptilian villain in the comic books, the lizard has yet to make his long awaited entrance. However, Baker, who plays Connors, insists it's only a matter of time before the super villain appears in the movie franchise. He explains, "We're getting a little more specific now, but it's still pretty broad. "We're hoping it's not too far down the line! I'll be trying to get on the Lizard costume when I'm 80. I just spent time with (Spider-Man 2 co-star) Alfred Molina and we were both joking about that...And it's like, just open that door up! I'm ready to go!"