Actress Dyan Cannon has been hit with another lawsuit from a construction company after allegedly failing to pay for work carried out on her fire-ravaged West Hollywood home in Los Angeles.

The former ALLY McBEAL star fled her condominium in April (04) when a candle set fire to a curtain and the place became an inferno.

She called in Los Angeles construction company A-CREW CONSTRUCTION INC and they set about repairing her home.

But five months after the blaze, contractors claim Cannon has failed to pay a $37,000 (GBP20,500) bill that wasn't covered by her insurance.

It's the second time in a year the 67-year-old has been sued for an unpaid construction bill - bosses at KEMPLER CONSTRUCTION demanded she pay up when they threatened to take her to court.

The actress paid the outstanding amount shortly after that case went public on American news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE.

17/09/2004 02:36