British rapper Dwayne Vincent has been attacked in a London prison, while awaiting a re-trial on murder charges.

The former SO SOLID CREW MC is currently at Belmarsh prison awaiting retrial for the 2004 murder of Colin Scarlett in a London street. Carl Morgan, Vincent's friend and So Solid Crew producer, was found guilty of fatally shooting Scarlett in October (05), but the jury failed to reach a verdict over Vincent's fate.

British newspaper the Daily Mirror reports Vincent was "slashed" across his neck and throat by a fellow prisoner with a knife made from three razor blades and a toothbrush on Thursday (08DEC05).

The following day (09DEC05), Vincent was found to be in possession of a mobile phone - exposing a security lapse at the high security jail, where cellular communication devices are banned among prisoners.

A spokesman for the prison service says, "A 26-year-old prisoner did receive superficial injuries in an incident last Thursday. A phone was found on Friday on a prisoner. We have launched a full scale investigation into this case."

Vincent will remain in Belmarsh until his re-trial in March (06). He stands accused of encouraging Morgan to kill Scarlett.