THE ROCK wrecked a $100,000 (GBP55,500) PORSCHE car in new movie WALKING TALL when he went too far in a scene.

The former wrestler, real name Dwayne Johnson, didn't realise he was only supposed to make it look like he was whacking the luxury sports car with a plank of wood - and set about destroying the vehicle.

He says, "When I smashed the Porsche it was one of those things where the director yelled, 'I don't think you're supposed to smash the Porsche.'

"I was looking at it and the Porsche was just wrecked. I said, 'Did we just buy this?' and he was like, 'That's affirmative.'

"At least the $100,000 didn't come out of my salary."

31/03/2004 09:15