Action man THE ROCK almost threw up the first time he played cult video game DOOM - because he couldn't get used to the first-person shooting sequences flashing up on his TV screen.

Now starring as SARGE in the movie adaptation of the game, the former wrestler, real name Dwayne Johnson, admits he never thought he'd be starring in the film version when he first picked up the joystick and started playing Doom a decade ago.

He explains, "First I had to learn how to turn on the computer and then I loved it. What's great about Doom is it pioneered the video game industry.

"It was the first time where you were able to play as a first person shooter, where the player's on-screen view of the game world simulated the character's world.

"It's also unapologetic graphic violence. I was a big fan of it. When I first played it, about five minutes into it I started to get nauseous, wondering if I ate something bad.

"I read a couple of days later that it can make you nauseous because of the first person shooter and the chaotic sense to it. If you're not used to it you can get nauseous, so I was one of those guys who got sick playing the game."