The action-adventure film about a massive earthquake in California, starring Dwayne Johnson, is set for release next month (May15), just weeks after the disaster in Nepal, and a spokesperson for the studio has now revealed the marketing drive is to be rejigged in light of the horrifying events.

The promotional material for the film will now feature information on how to make a donation to relief efforts and a public service announcement will provide education on natural disaster safety.

Posters for the film, which depict scenes of mass devastation in California, and action-packed trailers will remain unchanged.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson tells, "We will continue to evaluate our worldwide marketing campaign to ensure that we are sensitive to those affected by this tragic event."

Bosses at the studio's parent company, Time Warner, have vowed to match any donations its employees make to disaster relief efforts and they have handed out lists of eligible charities.

Nepalese officials reported on Thursday (30Apr15) that Saturday's (25Apr15) earthquake, which measured 7.8 on the Richter scale, has killed more than 6,000 and left at least 12,000 injured across Nepal, China, India and Bangladesh.