DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON says it is a ''blessing'' having daughters.

The 'Hobbs & Shaw' star loves being a father to three girls - Simone, 17, from a previous relationship and Jasmine, three, and 15-month-old Tiana with his partner Lauren Hashian.

Speaking on Good Morning America, he said: ''As men, you know, you're like, 'Oh yeah I'm going to raise my son' but having all daughters, it's the greatest blessing I've ever had.''

And Dwayne says it is ''the best thing'' to be surrounded by so many ''strong, badass women''.

He added: ''It's just the best thing ... I have a house full of just strong, badass women. I grew up an only child. My dad was tough. He kicked my ass, so there was a lot of testosterone growing up. So there is this balance - having all this estrogenic energy - then also me having the opportunity to infuse father and hopefully setting a standard of what a man should be in their lives.''

Dwayne had revealed he has a new respect for women after he helped to deliver his baby.

He said: ''I was encouraging her - holding her hand. And the doctor said, 'Would you like to come down and watch and help?' I said, 'Yup, I'm going to come down. Watch. Help. I will say, it was the most amazing experience I've ever seen.

''I look at Lauren, and women and mothers, in a different light than I ever have before. And it was beautiful. I'm holding legs, everything. And out comes the baby. I know, right? Crazy. Cause you roll the dice, you don't know how it's going go to go. A lot of stuff happens.''