Dwayne Johnson thrilled students and teachers at his former high school while shooting Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in Hawaii by dropping by unannounced - to see if the old place had changed since he was a teenage tearaway.
The wrestler-turned-movie star grew up in Hawaii - and even landed a police record there following an arrest.
But he was treated like a returning hero when he showed up at his old school during a filming break.
He tells WENN, "It was a reflective moment driving through town looking at all the places that I got in trouble and arrested at for a multitude of things. To be able to bring a movie here, giving tens of millions of dollars to the locals and the local businesses is very special to me.
"I visited my high school unannounced and I haven't been there since I was 14. I wanted to go to visit the football field and weight room, where I spent so much time and started to understand the value of discipline and hard work. Word spread quickly that I was there and all the students gathered round and I had a quick word with them.
"I spoke with the principle first and wanted to know how the students and the school was doing and he was very happy and proud to tell me how well the students were doing. I told the students how, after all these years, it was great to come back and I told them to keep up the great work and keep chasing their greatness."