The heavyweight star posted a photo on, sharing his delight at the "awesome experience" he had on the Pediatric Specialty Ward at the Memorial Health Children's Hospital in Savannah on Saturday (12Mar16).

Captioning the shot of him fist bumping a young patient called Aiden, he wrote, "I surprised the children at Savannah's Pediatric Specialty Ward aaaaand (sic) look at the concentration on lil' Aiden's face! We shot #BAYWATCH scenes at Memorial Health Hospital and thought I'd pop up to the ward.

"Awesome experience and THANK YOU to all the hard working and caring staff who helped make this visit possible. To all the kids I met - you guys keep smiling and staying strong. All the mamas and daddy's I met, y'all stay strong too. Gotta tell ya little stuff like this will always be the best part of fame.

"And good Lord I wish I had Aiden's concentration when I was in my high school math classes. I wouldn't have failed Algebra twice," he joked.

The former wrestler's kindhearted gesture comes days after co-star Zac Efron bought a brand new iPhone for a fan called Ahmed, who shattered his device while trying to take a selfie with the actor.

"This is what I love about my fans - when they get excited, but @dopekid_23 actually smashed his phone while chasing me for a snapchat - that's dedication so I'ma hook you up with a new phone my brother (sic)! To all my fans out there holdin (sic) it down - love and respect. And be careful with your phones," Zac wrote.

Ahmed later wrote on Instagram on Wednesday (08Mar16) that the actor had not only bought him a brand new phone, but also introduced him to the rest of the Baywatch cast. "Zac is definitely one the most humble celebrity I have ever encounter... keep giving the audience an extrodanary performances. Keep being humble thank you (sic)," he captioned a shot of the two posing for a selfie.