Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's movie roles could all be tied together one day into a blockbuster cinematic universe.

The 'Skyscraper' actor's longtime collaborator Hiram Garcia - who is president of production at the star's own Seven Bucks company - has teased the possibility of the films being linked beyond simply sharing a leading man.

He told Huffington Post: ''That's the thing, right? In our business, the ultimate goal is everyone wants to create a universe, so if we can somehow, if there's a master plan happening right now that you just don't know.

''But maybe in about 10 more years, we're gonna have our version of an 'Infinity War,' a Dwayne Johnson War. Just say you heard it here first, and that we're damn brilliant for doing it.''

While he hasn't fully committed to the idea, Garcia did admit there is a thread running throughout Johnson's projects on the big screen.

He explained: ''It always comes down to family. We always love to root our stories in family with that heart element.

''We believe in strong family values, and we think that just adds an element where the audience can be much more invested and care about the characters.''

Meanwhile, The Rock is yet to address the idea - but has had taken to social media after being recognised as the highest-paid actor in the history of Forbes magazine.

He wrote on Instagram: ''After years of relentless hard work, lil' bit of luck, successes, failures, more failures and more successes, my career just achieved a pretty awesome milestone - the highest earning actor in the history of Forbes.

''I'm a firm believer in the notion that there is no success that happens alone.

Success always requires a TEAM.''

After thanking those who have contributed to his huge success, Johnson took the time to offer some words of advice to anyone with big dreams.

He added: ''To anyone out there reading this right now... remember, I'm the dude who started with $7bucks.

''Anything can be achieved with relentless hard work, passion, surrounding yourself with smart people and always ALWAYS listening to your gut.''