The action star took time out of his busy press schedule for new film San Andreas on Saturday (16May15) to shock Nick Mundy, a comedian and reporter for online movie channel Screen Junkies, and take charge of his wedding ceremony.

Mundy has interviewed Johnson a number of times over the years, and subsequently struck up a relationship with the actor. He arrived to the press day planning to film a Screen Junkies episode with Johnson, but the actor, along with Mundy's fiancee Dilara Karabas and Screen Junkies producers, had other plans.

The video of Mundy and Karabas' ceremony, which was posted on on Thursday (21May15), begins as Johnson's representatives tell the reporter the superstar doesn't have time to film a planned sketch, and as the groom tells the cameraman that he's annoyed the shoot fell through, Johnson, who received his licence as an ordained minister specifically for Mundy's wedding, shows up behind him and leads him to a room set up for the ceremony.

Mundy's shock continued as he spotted his family and friends waiting for him, prompting Johnson to explain, "It's a pleasure for me to do this. It's an honour for me to do this. I am officially ordained by the state of California - yeah, I go all out because you're my bestie."

Johnson held hands with Mundy as they walked down the aisle, and during the ceremony, the former wrestler couldn't help but promote his new film before pronouncing them man and wife, stating, "Nothing is more powerful than your union, carries more force than a bolt of lightning, or even the world's largest earthquake, much like you'll see in San Andreas, hitting theatres May 29th."

Although Mundy and Karabas are legally married, they are still planning on having a larger ceremony this autumn (15).