Movie action man THE ROCK had a miserable time on the set of new film DOOM in Prague, Czech Republic - because he was constantly stepping over amputees.

The former wrestler, real name Dwayne Johnson, plays the leader of a crack team of US Marines in the movie adaptation of the hit videogame of the same name.

And, while he loved the action scenes, his heart was broken by the sight of real-life amputees hired to play Marines ravaged by Martians in the film.

He explains, "We didn't have dummies as amputees, they were real... They would be laying there as if their arms were ripped off or their legs were ripped off.

"They were there all day every day and you had to walk gingerly around them and try to be respectful."

And the movie star's misery was further heightened when he didn't see daylight for weeks.

He adds, "It was an intense movie. I was away from home in Prague on a sound stage every day and I never saw the sun.

"I got up at 4:30 in the morning and left at 8:00 at night. We worked 'French hours,' where there's no lunch and a guy comes around with food and you just pick at it."