Davina McCall feels inspired by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The fitness-conscious TV star has revealed she's been tweeting the wrestler-turned-actor, who shares her enthusiasm for fitness, and she'd love for him to reply to her stream of messages.

She said: ''I think Dwayne Johnson is hardworking, gives more than is expected, funny ... I want to meet him. I'm literally sending him messages all the time, I'm thinking, 'persist, persist!'

''He's so big, I'd have to climb up his thigh. I just think he's a really nice guy, great, positive energy.''

In fact, Davina revealed she hopes Dwayne will soon reply to her message, because she wants to marry the American star.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I have a blue tick next to my name so I'm sort of thinking, 'Do you think Dwayne Johnson is going to look at his tweets and go, 'Oh hang on, there's a blue tick from a British girl, I'm gonna click on her. And oh, she seems like a nice person, I'm going to answer her'?''

Meanwhile, Davina announced her split from husband Matthew Robertson in November.

The British TV star - who has kids Holly, 16, Tilly, 14 and Chester, 11 - insisted that despite their separation, their children remained their ''number one priority''.

At the time, she said in a statement: ''I am very sad to say that Matthew and I have separated.

''Our amazing children are our number one priority, above everything else so therefore we ask for as much space and respect from the media as possible while our family goes through this difficult time.''