According to, the women were discovered by a housekeeper on Saturday (09Jul16). They were subsequently treated by medics and claimed they were invited backstage by the DJs following their set.

The women claimed they couldn't remember much about the incident. The brothers, real names Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef, were subsequently arrested at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport on unrelated marijuana paraphernalia charges.

They insist they will fully co-operate with both investigations, but have no information about what happened to the women.

"We are shocked that some attendees of the Balaton Festival (sic) were victims of events which got them hospitalized,” a statement reads. “Police asked (for) our cooperation for the investigation and of course we did what we could.

"Police confirmed there isn’t any link between us and what happened, that’s why we took off a couple of hours later to our next gig in ibiza.

"There is another case going on independently from this in connection with marijuana and we gladly answer all questions regarding this and help the police to solve the case."