Late soul singer DUSTY SPRINGFIELD was so racked with self-doubt, she recorded the album DUSTY IN MEMPHIS in New York, instead of the Tennessee blues mecca. Atlantic Records producer JERRY WEXLER claims the SON OF A PREACHER MAN star felt so intimidated she refused to perform and simply stood by while the instrumentals were recorded for the 1969 disc. Wexler says, "Dusty refused to sing; she would not sing in Memphis. When it came to idiosyncrasies, Dusty was the queen. "She would always show up quite late in the morning. When she finally appeared, she had the usual Dusty make-up, which was not merely make-up: it was lamination. "She'd be swathed to the floor to hide her legs. Dusty was neurotic about how she looked. God knows why, she was a beautiful woman, attractive with a beautiful figure, but this was Dusty."