OSCAR-winning actor Dustin Hoffman turned into British chef Jamie Oliver's personal cleaner on live TV this morning (16OCT03), after a cooking lesson turned into a very messy experience.

During his special segment TODAY IN JAMIE'S KITCHEN on NBC show TODAY, Oliver was joined in the kitchen to make pavlova by presenters Matt Lauer, Katie Couric and Ann Curry, as well as Hoffman.

An impressed Oliver told Hoffman, "You look beautiful in a pinny," before instructing his students to whisk their mixtures.

And Hoffman soon turned the air blue when clean-cut Couric told him to "go back and forth" with his whisk movements, to which he responded, "I've heard that one before!"

While the comment raised raucous laughter in the studio, Lauer sternly boomed, "Dustin! Morning television!"

And Couric joined the raunchy fun when she asked, "Do you think this is stiff enough?" to which the Brit replied, "Not really stiff enough, but God bless telly!"

But the real dirt arrived when Oliver told his gang of cooks of their meringue mixtures, "You can tell it's perfect when you can hold the bowl above your head and it doesn't fall on your head."

Lauer held his bowl's contents over Oliver's head, which produced no drips, followed by Couric, whose mixture ran all over the chef's face. And Oliver decided to add to the chaos by tipping his own mixture all over the kitchen.

Hoffman quickly stepped in with a towel to clean up Oliver, who quipped, "I can't believe I've got a fluffer - it's unbelievable!"

16/10/2003 21:14