Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman ended up appearing in new film THE HOLIDAY with Kate Winslet and Jack Black after taking a walk in his neighbourhood and stumbling upon a film shoot. The curious actor decided to find out what all the commotion was about and was thrilled to find out the film was being directed by an old friend. Black explains Hoffman's cameo in the film, "Just sort of happened in the most natural, weird way. We were doing a scene in a Blockbuster video store and Dustin Hoffman apparently was just walking down the street in his neighbourhood where he lives and he saw a bunch of cameras and lights and was like 'Oh, they're shooting a movie. Let me go check it out and see what's happening...' "So he walks in and he knows (the film's writer/director) Nancy Meyers and she said, 'Come over and watch this scene...' "I have to say I'm not a fan of mega-legends coming and watching me act from the monitor. It couldn't be more nerve-racking and he's a hero of mine. "But then he's like, 'Let me jump in and do a little acting too!' It was like we were collaborating all of a sudden - it was cool. He's really funny in the scene."