Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman performed all the high-speed driving scenes in classic sixties film The Graduate himself - because he was too innocent to ask for a stunt double.

The diminutive actor, now 65, had to drive around the streets of San Francisco armed only with a walkie-talkie for weeks on end for a key scene in the movie - unaware that as the film's star he was entitled to ask for a double to fill in for him.

He explains, "In those days I didn't know anything about films, so it didn't occur to me that they could get a double to the wide shots.

"For three weeks, I just drove up and down, and they would tell me on a walkie-talkie to pass a car on the left or right, and even though I was doing 90 (kilometres per hour), I didn't even blink at their demands.

"I didn't think you could really get hurt when you were making a movie."