Dustin Hoffman has rubbished a British newspaper's claim he plans to move to London full-time to escape US President George W Bush's second administration.

The SUNDAY TIMES published a story claiming the Rain Man icon, who has owned a house in London for many years, was planning to make it his permanent base in September (05) - in furious reaction to Bush's November (04) election win.

But the 67-year-old's spokesperson KELLY BUSH refutes the claim, insisting, "There's no truth to it."

The Sunday Times reported Hoffman as saying, "I'll be moving to London in September. I just love it there. I've loved it for years. My wife says something happens to me in London. I don't know what."

Kelly Bush claims his comments were taken out of context, insisting he merely meant he'd be able to spend more time in London now his youngest child has finished school.

Hoffman, an ardent Democrat, was also quoted as saying, "I have never had a stronger feeling that the basic tenets of what make up the United States, this democracy, have been compromised. I think when people are fearful, they tend to go to extremes."

Bush argues that her client was referring to the election campaign when numerous terror warnings were issued.

11/01/2005 17:45